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"Crest Media Has made a big difference in my web site traffic! They have provided the best service and has improved my keyword ranking on the search engines. I have gone from zero exposure on the internet and no hits to my site to now receiving weekly inquiries of my services, booked patients, and being found on Google."

Ben J Childers, M.D.

Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates

"Before I worked with Crest Media, my Google ranking was not in the top 200. Now I am in the top 10."

Stuart Rogers

Stuart Rogers Acting Studios

In an extremely competitive world of SEO it is difficult to find a good company to trust with your business when you're in a vulnerable position because it is an area you are not familiar with. After meeting with several different SEO companies and even switching from other "so-called SEO experts" I found Crest Media out of Glendora, CA.

Dan Hartnett

Sgt. Shredder Mobile Shredding

"I have received excellent service from Crest Media. Their expertise on Internet Marketing has increased my exposure throughout the search engines. My practice can now be found on the local searches."

Bruce Schutte, DDS

Schutte Dentistry

"Crest Media has done a superior job for my business I am so happy with their consistent and friendly service."

Greg Doss

Ocean Hills Recovery

"Crest Media has a very professional team to design our website with amazing results. Especially on quick response and all the supports needed. It is a decent company to work for your project!!"

David Lin

Vivitek USA

"We are delighted with our site and equally delighted with the professional and lightning fast service we got from Crest Media. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Crest Media as a top notch web design company!"

James Kruger, Owner

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc.

"After many failed attempts at finding a hard working internet marketing/web design company, Crest Media proved that they were the best. The friendly staff and excellent service has made working with Crest Media a joy."

Brian, Owner


"Crest Media has been highly responsive, and professional in their follow up."

John Alsop, Owner

John Alsop Insurance Agency

"Mike and Marc have been great to work with. They are very responsive back with progress reports and ideas on how to make the site work the best for your business situation."

Phil Goss, Reverse Mortgage Professional

Generation Mortgage Company

"With the help of Crest Media I have been introduced to the power of internet advertising. Never before have I seen such an immediate return on my advertising dollar. Thank you, Crest Media."

Jeremy Wolfe

Safe and Sound

"Crest Media provides great results. They are always willing to go the extra mile to make our website a success."

Sherrie Slocomb

Yellowstone Recovery


Web Content Writers and SEO Copywriters

Congratulations! You registered a domain. But having a website is only the first step; now, you need effective web content (written text) to make sure your website is doing its job of reaching your chosen audience.

It’s no exaggeration that the content on your site will make or break your online marketing efforts. Just think: How quickly would you switch to another website if you landed on a page with dizzyingly long, dense, complicated content? Afraid to write your own text? Not to worry; that’s what web content writers are for.

After all, online writing requires a different type of expertise than creative writing, academic writing, and even reporting. Writing for a website should be concise – a seamless blend of simplicity, functionality and style. In the case of business websites, it should communicate the message you want your customers and prospects to hear.

Often, that message is related to your products, services, and the history of your company – and when you partner with Crest Media Internet Marketing, we utilize some of the most talented Los Angeles web content writers and SEO copywriters to develop your website text. If desired, they can conduct a brief, remote interview with you; and then, the work is up to them. They focus on helping to cultivate or support your brand by writing copy that:

  • Streamlines your information
  • Simplifies the complex details
  • Targets your prospects via the right keywords
  • Calls visitors to action

Typically, our clients are more than pleased with the results: better filtering of prospects, higher conversion rates, and a more favorable return on investment.

At Crest Media, our Los Angeles web content writers and SEO copywriters have a clear mission: optimizing your website. They can make your message jump out of the screen and contribute to functional, successful web marketing/e-commerce operation.

To learn more, contact Crest Media Internet Marketing to request an initial consultation. Our team of SEO experts, which includes Los Angeles web content writers, designers, and programmers, are eager to begin helping your website work for you.

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