Austin SEO, Web Design and Social Media

Marketing a business online is not as simple as coming up with a few ideas and trying them on for size. It is actually a complex practice, made up of multiple moving parts that converge together to produce a successful result. Additionally, effective online marketing requires the consistent effort that most business owners are just too busy to worry about. Fortunately, you can outsource your online marketing campaigns to an experienced, reliable source.

At Crest Media, we not only understand how to successfully market a business online; we truly specialize in it. Quality Web marketing and lead generation services are what we provide full time, for businesses of all sizes and from all industries. The services we offer include:

Web Design

No matter what type of business you have, it needs a website – and with the way the landscape is changing, a “cookie cutter” website is no longer acceptable to search engines or consumers. Today, the mandate is for websites to be engaging, informative and user-friendly, all of which discreetly encourage users to navigate through the pages and take action. Moreover, they must be chalk full of interesting, shareable content. In addition to the standard design and programming protocol, these are the elements that optimize a website for conversion – the point at which visitors to the site become paying customers. Believe it or not, website design plays a critical role in achieving conversions. Search engines intuitively factor in size, graphics, HTML, and domain name when ranking websites in search results. With our Austin Web design firm, your site can be one that generates leads and converts new customers on a regular basis, because our San Diego Web design team knows how to properly optimize a site for these goals. We also offer optional “extras” that can be implemented on your website if they are applicable to your business. Those products include:
Shopping carts (for e-commerce websites)
Chat functions (for customer service)
Virtual tours (for marketing your facility)
Plus, we offer both static and dynamic Web design services, which allows business owners more options for managing their Web design budgets. This is the kind of flexibility you can enjoy when working with our California Web design firm.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another essential part of making your website work for you is to enhance it with search engine optimization, or SEO. Without SEO implementation, a site is virtually guaranteed to rank low in search engines, which means that it is not seen by consumers. Likewise, the onset of Google Panda and Google Penguin ensures that low-quality websites with poorly written content are no longer ranking well either. The only reliable way to get your website higher in search engine results is to work alongside an SEO firm that knows how to do it right. Crest Media is an Austin SEO firm that knows how to get your website in front of the consumers you want to target; we can design and implement an SEO campaign that boosts your search engine rankings and attracts the people you want to convert to be your customers.

We do this by carefully researching keywords (words that users search with to find a business like yours), and strategically implementing them into your Web content over time. We also program your Web content with meta descriptions and keyword tags, which are essential in order for the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to index your pages. Every time your content is crawled by search engine spiders, your website ranks higher on the search engine results pages of users who search for those keywords. That is the foundation of good SEO; but yes, we offer even more.

Now that social media is a big player in the SEO game, our California SEO company also offers blogging services and social media management. With these services, the content we write for your site can help you get more links from authoritative sites, which leads to better search rankings – a process currently known as “content marketing.” Quality content marketing services can help your website’s SEO, as well as help your brand become better recognized by your target audience. All of this is part of what our Austin SEO firm offers.

Social Media

Yesterday, social media was a fun way to interact with others. Today, it is the #1 way to shape your brand, market the content you create and improve the SEO of your website. The power of social media is something the Crest Media team has understood from the beginning; that is why we established ourselves as an Austin social media agency years ago. Others have jumped on the bandwagon since then, but we have helped businesses of all types build a large, lasting social media presence from the onset – and we have done it more effectively.

Some businesses attempt to manage social media on their own. This is commendable but difficult and less likely to be successful. Think about it: While you may already know how to administrate a Facebook profile, Google+ account or Twitter page, do you know how build an audience of consumers on those channels, or how to create content that people want to share? Those are the keys to using social media to your advantage, and our Austin social media agency understands them. When we tap into the “secrets” of social media, your business reaps all the benefits.

Whether your social media accounts have been in place for a while or you are just now starting from scratch, Crest Media can build your audience and manage each page on a regularly scheduled basis. We make it easy to market your business on social media because our Austin social media team does all the work! When you are a social media client of Crest Media, we write the content for the About pages on your profiles, post regular status updates and photos on all your social media channels, and even incorporate your blog posts so that they are promoted on social media every week. In fact, our Austin social media team can even write and manage your company blog. We market you on social media, so you can attend to your business.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Organic search results should always be a top priority, but it is also important to use supplemental ads that are tailored to the preferences of pre-qualified prospects. The way to do this is with pay per click (PPC) marketing. PPC marketing allows you to purchase ads on Google that will appear when a user searches for the keywords you are using in your campaign. It filters out the users who visit your website because those who click on your ad are more likely to be people who are actively seeking you out; and because it only advertises to those who are searching with your keywords, it is highly cost-efficient.

Plus, our pay per click management services allows you to receive regular reporting on the effectiveness of your campaign. If your experience with a past pay per click company has left you wondering if it is worth it to use PPC marketing, it may be time to give Crest Media PPC services a try. We offer our pay per click management clients routine, through reporting, with strategy sessions and adjustments to the campaign whenever they are necessary. This is why our pay per click company can confidently attest to the increased conversion rates of our clients.

Mobile Web Development

There is data on the mobile market that shows us the differences between mobile and desktop browsing; for example, one study reported that 70% of mobile tasks occur in just one hour or less. That tells us that consumers have a greater intent to act when using a mobile browser, as opposed to when they are browsing on a desktop computer. Crest Media offers Austin mobile Web design services that capitalize on this revelation. It starts with constructing a W3C compliant mobile website, using responsive Web design principles; that means that we uphold the highest standards in mobile Web design.

Then, we provide SEO for your mobile site so that users can find your website the moment they need it, all from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets. And finally, for businesses that want to tap into the thriving app market, we offer mobile app development services for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Our Austin mobile Web design team is on the cutting edge of mobile trends, and we are happy to lend our mobile Web development expertise to businesses throughout the United States.

Online Video Production

Even in the YouTube age, having a video on your website can be a highly effective marketing strategy. That is because your website is the first introduction many people will have to your business, and it may be your only chance to capture their attention. The best strategy, in fact, is to place videos on your website and on social media channels. This lends credibility to your brand, which impresses consumers and optimizes your website for conversions; plus, it supports your content marketing efforts for a greater return on your investment. Fortunately, Crest Media has an Austin video production team that can create videos suitable for all platforms. We have produced commercial-grade videos for Fed Ex, Comcast, and General Motors, and we can do the same for your growing business.

E-mail Marketing

Other companies promise you e-mail marketing services but deliver them in the form of spam. Crest Media is different because we offer 100% spam-free e-mail marketing. We provide quality e-mail marketing services that reach your pre-qualified prospects because we stay compliant with the federal government’s CAN-SPAM law by only sending e-mail messages to people who are currently on your opt-in subscriber list. They can opt-out anytime they want, and they are never subjected to misleading subject headlines.

We don’t believe in deceptive e-mail marketing tactics; we believe in well-crafted e-mail newsletters that address the topics your audience is interested in. If you are ready for an e-mail marketing campaign that upholds the honest values of your company, contact Crest Media first.

Serving a Nationwide Clientele with SEO and Web Development
Web development is about so much more than building and maintaining a website; it is about delivering powerful marketing services that make a real difference in the success of a business. When you have an outstanding website that attracts the audience you want to have as a customer base, plus a social media presence that helps it to keep expanding, you have endless possibilities for growth and profit at your disposal.

Crest Media Internet Marketing is an Orange County Web design and California SEO company headquartered in the Austin area, with an additional Austin advertising agency location in Texas. However, we proudly offer these valuable online marketing services to clients throughout the United States. To request a free phone consultation, contact our SEO company in Austin today.